Day 17                       


Text Box: Note of encouragement. 
You are on the last week of your prayer and fasting, great job, you have hung in there. This last week will focus on more praying and reading the scriptures, instead of devotions. We will focus more on praying specific prayers from specific scriptures for specific topics, such as; unity, sanctification, guidance, and thankfulness. 

A prayer for Spiritual Strength 
Praying Ephesians 3:14-21 
Father, In the name of Jesus, I praise and thank You that You saved me for a purpose, and that You have a plan for my life that exceeds my most imaginative hopes and dreams. For that reason, Father, I bow my knee to You, the God of heaven and earth from whom Your whole family receives our name. I pray that by Your glorious riches You would strengthen me on the inside through the power of Your Holy Spirit and that Christ would truly live in my heart and live through me by my faith in You. Help me to understand with all of the saints the breadth, length, depth, and height of Your love which surpass all knowledge. Fill me with all of Your fullness, Your wisdom, strength, and power, so that I would live constantly to Your glory! Now unto You, Father, who is able to do exceedingly far above all that I ask or can imagine, be the glory in the church through Christ Jesus throughout all the ages and forever. Amen!