Day 19                       


Text Box: A prayer for Unity 
Praying Romans 15:5-6 for your Loved Ones, Your Church, Your Organization or Business, or Your City. Heavenly Father, I know that it is by Your Spirit that we have the power to forgive, and that it is through the fruit of Your Spirit that we can overcome the challenges of life and become encouragers to others around us. I thank You that You have called us as Christians to be unifiers, reconcilers, and peacemakers on this earth as a display of Your love and grace in our everyday lives. I also thank You for giving us an example of true unity in Your relationship with Your Son, Jesus, as He walked upon this earth and that we can be one as You and He were one because of His prayers for us in John 17. For this reason, Father, I pray for unity for ___________. I pray that You would not only use __________ to be a unifier, reconciler, and peacemaker but that the Holy Spirit would also be present with _________ everyday to help ________ overcome with Your joy and encourage others as __________ follows Jesus. I pray that in unity with one heart and one mouth _________ may glorify You, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.